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‘Android OEMs Will Ship Ubuntu Phones This Year’, Say Canonical

Several Android phone makers will release Ubuntu phones this year, Canonical's CEO has revealed.

10 February 2016

Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Phone Goes On Sale In China

The Meizu MX4 Ubuntu edition is the second Ubuntu Phone to be commercially released. It features an 8 core CPU and costs less than $300.

17 May 2015

Canonical, China Mobile Team Up for Ubuntu Phone ‘Innovation Contest’

China's youth developer community is invited to participate in the 'Ubuntu Developer Innovation Contest' with the chance to win 70,000RMB cash.

18 December 2014
Windows 8 Share Bar

China Bans Windows 8 From Use In Government

China has issued a ban on Windows 8 being used on official governmental computers in a move that may hasten adoption of open-source alternatives in the country.

20 May 2014

Ubuntu Kylin Announces Hardware Deal with HP in China

Ubuntu's official Chinese flavour, Kylin, has struck its first major OEM deal with computing giant HP.

16 May 2014

China Downloaded More Than 1.5 Million Copies of Ubuntu in 2013

Ubuntu Kylin, a version of Ubuntu orientated to Chinese users, has been downloaded more 1.5 million times in over the last year.

16 February 2014

Dell To Expand Ubuntu Retail Presence in China

Dell are to more than double the number of its Chinese retail stores stocking Ubuntu-loaded laptops, Canonical has announced.

5 September 2013
kingsoft wps office

Kingsoft Office Launch English-Language Website

Microsoft Office clone 'Kingsoft Office' has launched an English-language website in a bid to help expand testing of its Linux builds.

4 July 2013

WPS Office – A Faithful Microsoft Office Clone for Linux

When is Microsoft Office not Microsoft Office? When it's actually a faithfully-crafted imitation, of course!

26 March 2013

Chinese Linux Distro Seeks Place in Ubuntu Family

Ubuntu Kylin pitches for place at the Ubuntu family tablet, usurping the official Ubuntu Chinese Edition. But Ubuntu Kylin is much more than just a different language setting...

27 February 2013

Baidu Music Search Available for Ubuntu 13.04

Chinese Ubuntu users will be able to find music from their favourite national artists straight from the Unity Dash. Search support for China's largest music download site, Baidu Music, is now available in Ubuntu 13.04.

22 January 2013

Ubuntu PC Sales Skyrocket in 2011

Canonical's VP of Sales and Business Development, Chris Kenyon, shared some interesting stats on Ubuntu's uptake in the world during the recent Ubuntu Developer Summit.

2 November 2012