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pine book linux arm laptop

New Photos of the $89 Pinebook Linux Laptop Surface Online

The $89 Pinebook ARM laptop was supposed to go on sale in February. Sadly, the month came and went without so much as a peep from Pine64, the company behind the Pinebook. But today we’ve some good news. […]

2 March 2017
pine book linux arm laptop

Meet the Pinebook, a $89 ARM Laptop That Runs Ubuntu

The Pine64 Pinebook is an ARM laptop priced from $89. It can run Android, ChromiumOS and various flavours of Linux, including Ubuntu.

25 November 2016

Orange Pi PC 2 Is a $20 Quad-Core Ubuntu PC

If I told you that you could buy a 64-bit quad-core PC that runs Ubuntu for just $20 you’d presumably ask me what the reward tiers are, cos it sounds like a crowd-funding pitch. But it’s not. […]

6 November 2016
Utilite 2 by Compulab

CompuLab Utilite2 Is a Tiny ARM Desktop PC Running Ubuntu

CompuLab, best known in Linux circles for making the popular MintBox PCs, has launched the Utilite2 — a super small ARM PC running Ubuntu or Android.

9 March 2015

‘Utilite’ – The $99 Ubuntu ARM PC

The Utilite is a $99 Ubuntu PC from the makers of the Mintbox. It's powered by an ARM CPU and measures a minute 13cm long and 2.1cm high.

15 July 2013

Ubuntu Ported to RikoMagic USB PC

Ubuntu 12.10 is being ported to the 'Rikomagic' USB PC, thanks to the work of a third party developer. The Rikimagic MK802 III, which costs £59, ship with Android 4.0 by default, but the powerful innards have proved too tempting for Ubuntu developers not to take advantage of:

23 November 2012

Ubuntu 12.04 Up and Running on Samsung ARM Chromebook

Ubuntu 12.04 has been successfully made to run on the new Samsung Series 3 Chromebook, which has been on sale for less than 2 weeks. The ARM powered device, priced cheaply at $249/£229, boasts a dual-core ARM processor clocked @ 1.7Ghz; quad-core Mali-T604 for graphics; a thin and lightweight design; an 11" screen; and 2GB of RAM.

30 October 2012

£25 Raspberry Pi PC Sells Out in Minutes

Raspberry Pi – a £25 computer – went on sale this morning and sold out within minutes. The credit-card sized device sports a 700MHz ARMv6 CPU, a GPU with enough grunt to decode 1080p HD video, […]

29 February 2012
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Microsoft to Prevent Linux Booting on ARM Hardware?

Fears that Microsoft would abuse the Windows 8 UEFI feature are coming true. Advice from Microsoft to makers of ARM hardware says that allowing the disabling of the contentious UEFI Secure Boot feature required for Windows 8 must NOT be possible.

13 January 2012
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Meet CuBox – A Tiny ARM Powered Media Centre Capable of Running Ubuntu

The march of mini ARM-powered PCs continues with the release of the 'CuBox' developer platform by tech company Solid Run. This £99 media centre can run full 1080p and can run Android or Ubuntu.

20 December 2011
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Unity 3D Ported to OpenGL ES on ARM

The Ubuntu Developer Summit held earlier this month in California, US, was home to a wealth of discussion, demo and debate on all manners Ubuntu. Part of that extended to Linaro - the ARM-orientated software engineering company of which Canonical are a driving member - who showed off a port of Unity 3D running on an ARM Cortex-A9 Pandaboard using OpenGL ES - a "..subset of the OpenGL 3D graphics API designed for embedded systems such as mobile phones, PDAs, and video game consoles." And its potential is massive.

22 November 2011
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Cotton Candy: The USB Sized ARM PC That Runs Ubuntu

A quad-core computer the size of a USB stick. A few years ago that would've sounded like a pipe-dream, but today it's a reality.

20 November 2011