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Ubuntu 11.10 at ARM TechCon 2011 [Video]

Canonical are putting a lot of effort into Ubuntu on ARM, and based on the small glimpses seen at this years ARM TechCon in California, the effort is paying off.

27 October 2011

Ubuntu eCafe Netbook Runs on ARM, Has 13 Hours of Battery Life

So the long heralded 'flood' of ARM netbooks on to the shelves barely even materialised as a drop, with a drop in demand for netbooks and massive growth spurt in touch-screen Tablet devices seemingly diverting attention elsewhere. PC company Hercules are pinning their hopes on a 'better late than never' approach with the launch of a new ARM powered netbook series dubbed the 'eCafé'.

21 July 2011
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Ubuntu-running dual-core ARM desktop ‘Trim-Slice’ goes on sale

Trim-Slice, 'the worlds first Tegra 2 desktop PC', is now on sale. Available in 3 versions - 2 of which run Ubuntu. More information, pictures and promo-video tucked away inside...

1 May 2011

2GHz Cortex-A9 Ubuntu laptop demoed at CES

Okay, I'll admit that I'm a bit obsessed about Ubuntu on ARM and have been scouring Twitter and YouTube for any interesting news from CES. But I found a gem.

7 January 2011
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MeeGo phone demoed on powerful ARM hardware

Charbax of has been at ARM Techcon this week gathering up all the latest news and developments ARM related. Amongst the many companies showing off Linaro-enabled devices were ST-Ericsson who demonstrated the MeeGo OS […]

14 November 2010
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Interview with the Founder of Ubuntu based linutop OS

Charbax over at poked us with news of a new video interview he conducted with Frederic Baille, the founder of the Ubuntu-based Linutop OS.

30 October 2010
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Ubuntu Gives Maverick a shot in the ARM

Excuse the dodgy pun but Ubuntu 10.10 is going to be a fantastic release for many reasons, not least of which is improved ARM architecture support. Amongst the many improvements the Ubuntu ARM team have […]

1 October 2010
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Canonical Talks Ubuntu on ARM

Our lovely friends over at nabbed themselves a great interview with Canonical’s ‘Partner Engineer’ Jerone Young who discusses the challenges and opportunities optimizing Ubuntu for ARM is bringing. It’s a great interview well worth […]

6 July 2010
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Ubuntu Netbook Edition 10.07 Coming to ARM In July, Gets Demoed on ARM netbook

A new version of Ubuntu Netbook Edition optimized for ARM-based devices is due for release in July. Called ‘Ubuntu Netbook Edition 10.7′ it will be based on Ubuntu 10.04. A video, showing off Ubuntu NBE […]

23 June 2010