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MellowPlayer is a Cross-Platform Qt Cloud Music App

MellowPlayer is a Qt cloud music app for Linux, Windows and Mac. Never heard of it? I can’t say I had, either. But a reader of this site, and a fan of MellowPlayer,  asked if […]

21 August 2017

A Linux File Manager Built Using Electron

We’ve written about plenty of Electron apps, from music players to e-mail clients, code editors and chat tools — but the following tool the first Electron file manager we’ve come across! It’s called JumpFM and it’s described as a ‘minimalistic […]

20 August 2017
the kdenlive non-linear video editor

‘Next Generation Kdenlive’ is Now Available for Testing

A 'next generation' version of open-source video editor Kdenlive is available for testing, featuring a new timeline, new features, and a cleaner code base.

7 July 2017

Standard Notes is an Open-Source Encrypted Notes App

Standard Notes is an encrypted note taking app available for free on Linux, macOS, Windows, Android, iOS, and the web. And yup, in case you were wondering, it’s also totally open source. Linux isn’t short of note […]

30 May 2017
Ramme — Electron app

Desktop Instagram App Ramme Updated, Now Supports Uploading

The latest release of open-source desktop Instagram app Ramme lets you upload photos to Instagram from the desktop on mac, windows and linux.

29 May 2017
krita 3.1.3

Open Source Graphics App Krita Sees New Bug Fix Release

Krita, one of the most popular open-source graphics editors available, has a new release — and it's already available to install on Ubuntu.

1 May 2017
openshot logo

How to Install the Latest OpenShot Release on Ubuntu

Yesterday saw an all-new release of popular open-source video editor OpenShot, which touts support for 4K video editing, performance improvements of up to 10x the previous release, and some natty new title templates. Keen to try […]

22 December 2016

Hyper Is a Terminal Emulator Built Using Web Technologies

A lot of us use the terminal on Ubuntu, typically from an app like GNOME Terminal, Xterm or an app like Guake. But did you know that there’s an JS/HTML/CSS Terminal?  It’s called Hyper (formerly/also known […]

4 December 2016

Stylish Markdown Editor ‘Typora’ Is Now Available for Ubuntu

In the market for a desktop markdown editor for Linux? You may have helped but notice that you’re rather spoilt for choice. From Abricotine and Scratch to Simplenote, Springseed and Remarkable. Even Gedit can render markdown with the […]

27 September 2016
Rambox messaging app

Rambox Puts All Your Favorite Messaging Services In One App

It may sound like a memory-management tool, but Rambox is actually a handy way to group all of your messaging and e-mail services in one window.

27 September 2016
etcher disk burning app ubuntu

Etcher Image Writer Is Now Better Than Ever

Back in may we spotlighted Etcher, a stylish open-source USB image writer app for Windows, macOS and Linux. In the months since our feature the app has released a over 10 small beta updates, with Etcher 1.5 Beta being […]

27 September 2016
etcher disk burning app ubuntu

Meet Etcher, A Stylish Open-Source USB Image Writer Tool

Looking for an easy-to-use way to create a bootable USB stick on Linux? This nifty new app can help. Heck, it even runs on Windows and Mac OS X, too.

15 May 2016