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Do You Remember the KDE Bouncy Ball Widget?

Laughing as I threw a small red ball around my desktop — that's my earliest memory of using KDE. But what happened to the bouncy ball widget?

10 March 2017
dirt rally linux hero image

Strap in: DiRT Rally has just been released on Linux

Feral Interactive has announced the full version of Dirt Rally is out now on Steam for Linux. Pitched as ‘the world’s most authentic rally game’, DiRT Rally is the latest instalment in Codemaster’s DiRT series . It put Linux players […]

2 March 2017
supertuxkart steam green light image

SuperTuxKart Is Now on Steam Greenlight — Go Vote!

Super Tux Kart, the iconic open-source karting game, has come to Steam Greenlight. FOSS gaming fans can vote to add the title to the Steam store.

23 February 2017
unity kde plasma theme layout

Make Your KDE Desktop Look like Unity with this Plasma Theme Pack

Ever looked at your KDE Plasma desktop and wished it looked a little more …like the Ubuntu Unity desktop? If you have — and hello all 3 of you, by the way — be sure to check […]

22 February 2017
ulauncher on ubuntu

Ulauncher is a Lightweight App Launcher for Linux Desktops (Updated)

Launcher is a lightweight python-based application launcher for Linux that is also able to find files and folders and conduct Google searches.

18 February 2017

HITMAN ‘The Complete First Season’ Out Now for Linux

HITMAN, the latest entry the popular Hitman franchise, is available to buy and play on Linux from today. Surprised? You should be! This HITMAN Linux release is the first game in this popular 16 year-old series to […]

16 February 2017

A Lightweight Screen Recorder for Linux (Updated)

Want to record your Ubuntu desktop for a screencast, video tutorial, or bug report? I highly recommend giving Green Recorder a shot. Green Recorder is a minimal yet perfectly functional desktop screen recorder app for Ubuntu. It’s built […]

10 February 2017
sands of time desktop wallpaper

Komorebi is an Animated/Parallax Wallpaper App for Ubuntu (Updated)

Looking for parallax wallpaper, animated wallpapers, or a cute clock wallpaper app for Ubuntu — why not combine them all in one stunning background?

6 February 2017

DiRT Rally For Linux Launches This March

Competitive rally racing game DiRT RALLY is officially headed to Linux, the games porting supremos Feral Interactive has announced.

2 February 2017
libreoffice app icons

LibreOffice 5.3 Is The ‘Most Feature-Rich Release’ Ever

LibreOffice 5.3 is now available to download, and The Document Foundation is calling it 'one of the most feature-rich releases in the history of the application'!

1 February 2017
plasma 5.9

KDE Plasma 5.9 Released, This Is What’s New

KDE has announced the release of Plasma 5.9, the latest version of its modern desktop environment.  “Plasma 5.9 brings many exciting new features to your desktop”, project lead Jonathan Riddell says. But precisely what? Let’s take a […]

31 January 2017
spotify for linux

What Spotify Takes Away, the Open-Source Community Brings Back…

One of my favourite bands has just released a new album, which means I now have 11 new songs to learn the words to before I go see them play next! Older versions of the official […]

22 January 2017