Do you want to send files quickly and securely using your browser? If so, Firefox Send lets you do precisely that.

‘Firefox Send’ is an experimental new feature launched by Mozilla this week. It lets you safely send file(s) (up to 1GB) to someone else without the effort of using email, setting up a sync service like Dropbox, or using a CLI tool like Wormhole.

It’s dead simple to use, too:

  1. Go to in Firefox
  2. Drag and drop your file to upload it
  3. Copy & share the link generated

Each link is for one-time only use and is valid for 24 hours (or until it’s used, whichever happens first).

As all uploads are encrypted — not even Mozilla know what you’re sending — you’ve peace of mind that no-one can snatch your files, too.

But the best bit? You don’t have to worry about remembering to delete your upload after you’re done. Mozilla scrubs your file(s) from its servers the second your chosen recipient finishes downloading it.

Nifty, eh?

Although account-free file sharing services aren’t entirely new Firefox Send is a really compelling experiment because of how simple it is to use. And having the privacy-minded Mozilla brand attached is super reassuring, too.

While Firefox Send is available to use right this file-flinging second keep in mind that it is a ‘Test Pilot’ feature and, as such, could vanish from the web if it’s not popular. I’d also recommend against relying on it to ferry critical uploads just incase something goes awry.

But for sending a .zip packed full of gorgeous cat photos, band demos, or video clips, Firefox Send sounds like it delivers.

Image: Mozilla

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