Battery Optimizer menu on Ubuntu

If you’re looking for a way to squeeze more power out of your laptop battery on Ubuntu, then Slimbook has you covered.

The Linux laptop seller has made (and recently updated) a battery optimizer tool for the Ubuntu desktop. It’s simple to use, easy to set up, and could extend your battery life by a couple of hours.

It’s a tray-based applet that lets you quickly switch between various pre-configured performance modes, including ‘energy saving’ and ‘maximum performance’ modes.

There’s also an ‘Advanced mode’ settings panel that allows you to easily configure, modify and benefit from other battery optimizations.

A Battery Saver for Ubuntu

‘Slimbook Battery 3’ is an open source desktop tool designed to help improve and increase the battery life of laptops running Ubuntu.

Although the tool is intended for use on Slimbook’s own range of Linux laptops it will work on any laptop, regardless of brand, so long as it’s running Ubuntu or a derivative.

There are two parts to the tool:

The first is a tray-based applet for selecting a power/performance state. This offers quick switching between three energy modes: “energy saving”, “balanced” and “maximum performance”.

You’ll also see an ‘Off’ setting, an ‘Advanced Mode’ option (more on that in a moment) and an ‘Exit’ value. The latter closes the app fully and deactivates whatever energy saving mode that was active.

The second part of the tool is an advanced configuration panel. You’ll find 7 separate tabs, each housing different toggles and preferences for (potentially) power-sapping features.


Using the ‘Slimbook Battery Preferences’ (aka ‘Advanced Mode’) app you can adjust or fine-tune the behaviour of ​​the three power modes available in the applet, e.g., override a specific setting, re-enable a specific feature, etc.

You can also adjust charging behaviour and alerts (Cycles), and see battery information, such as manufacturer, battery type, current capacity, and original capacity.

A help, not a guarantee

Keep in mind that using this tool is not a guaranteed way to increase battery life under Ubuntu, but it will certainly help more than if you were using nothing at all.

“This battery optimizer can disable unused hardware features as and when necessary”

Back in 2016 we looked at simple ways to improve battery life on Linux distros like Ubuntu. Our list ran through common sense things: lower screen brightness, don’t leave unnecessary USB devices attached, disable Wi-Fi when using ethernet, and so on. It also recommended TLP.

Like TLP, this battery optimizer app is able to disable unused hardware features as and when necessary (with the option to override).

In short, this is a useful battery saver app for Ubuntu that, for laptops owners especially, is something of a must-have.

How to Install Battery Optimizer for Ubuntu

You can install Slimbook Battery 3 on Ubuntu from the official Slimbook PPA on Launchpad.

To add this PPA to your system’s list of software sources you’ll need to run this command:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:slimbook/slimbook

Followed by this command to install the battery optimizer:

sudo apt update && sudo apt install slimbookbattery

When everything has downloaded and installed you will be able to launch the app from the apps grid. Search for “Battery” and launch the tool.

The app only works when running and configured. If you don’t launch the app, it can’t help you.

Share any battery saver tips you have in the comments!

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