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Wacom tablet via

Coming Soon: Wacom Firmware Updates on Linux

You’ll soon be able to install Wacom firmware updates on Linux. Red Hat’s Richard Hughes shares word on work he’s done with Wacom engineers to support Wacom’s custom update protocol on Linux. At present, Wacom advise their […]

9 June 2018
dell canvas product image

Red Hat is Working on Linux Support for the Dell Canvas

Linux support for the Dell Canvas graphics tablet/display and dial accessory is underway thanks to a collaboration between Red Hat and Dell developers.

2 June 2018
linux mint thumbnail

Linux Mint 19 Beta Is Now Available to Download

The Linux Mint 19 beta download will be available to test at the start of next week, the Linux Mint project lead has said.

1 June 2018

LXQt 0.13 Arrives with Minor Improvements

LXQt 0.13 is available to download. It's the latest version of the LXQt desktop, which aims to provide an elegant, resource friendly 'next-gen' LXDE.

24 May 2018
kubuntu logo

Kubuntu Drops 32-bit Install Images

If you were planning to grab a Kubuntu 18.10 32-bit download this October you will want to look away now. Kubuntu has confirmed plans to join the rest of the Ubuntu flavour family and drop 32-bit […]

20 May 2018
nautilus with binaries

GNOME Is Removing the Ability to Launch Binary Apps from Nautilus

The Nautilus file manager is to lose the ability to run binaries and launch apps directly. The change means users won't be able to double-click on programs, scripts or apps to launch them using Nautilus.

15 May 2018
connect android to ubuntu using GSConnect

Ubuntu 18.10 To Include Android Integration

The GSconnect GNOME Shell extension could ship in Ubuntu 18.10. Ubuntu devs want to include the add-on, which integrates Android with the Ubuntu desktop, by default.

14 May 2018
ubuntu malware

Malware Found on the Ubuntu Snap Store

Malware has been found on the Ubuntu Snap Store, bundled inside two regular applications. Canonical says it has removed the apps in question and will investigate further.

13 May 2018
purism phone gif

Work is Underway to Make the GNOME Web Browser Mobile Friendly

To do well, the upcoming Linux-powered Librem 5 smartphone will need a decent set of mobile-ready apps — and a good web browser is key to that. Hoping to step up to the plate is […]

12 May 2018
unlock screen GNOME Shell 3.30

First Look: GNOME’s Stylish New Login & Lock Screens

GNOME is planning to redesign its lock and login screens for GNOME Shell. The new designs are clean, use a 'clear spatial model' and make use of animations.

10 May 2018
Linux apps on a Chromebook

It’s Official: Linux Apps Are Coming to Chromebooks

Users will soon be able to install Linux apps on Chromebooks, Google has confirmed. Google says it is adding support for Linux apps to Chrome OS to 'equip developers' with the tools they need.

9 May 2018
the ubuntu minimal install option.jpgthe ubuntu minimal install option.jpg

‘Next Gen’ Ubuntu Installer Outlined by Mark Shuttleworth

Mark Shuttleworth has outlined his plans for a next-generator Ubuntu installer dubbed 'Ubiquity NG'. The tool will leverage modern technologies like Curtin, MAAS, Electron and Snaps.

8 May 2018