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Ubuntu + WSL (new ubuntu logo)

Ubuntu Preview on WSL Brings Ubuntu Daily Builds to Windows

It's now much easier to try Ubuntu daily builds on Windows 10 and 11 using the Ubuntu Preview on WSL app recently added to the Microsoft Store.

11 May 2022

Ubuntu 22.10 ‘Kinetic Kudu’ is Open for Development

Development on Ubuntu 22.10, codename 'Kinetic Kudu', is now formally underway, Ubuntu developers announced on the developer mailing list.

28 April 2022
dog from unsplash on an orange background

GNOME Devs Help User Solve “Barking Laptop” Problem

Is your Ubuntu laptop barking at you? For one user it is, and it is worrying their actual dog. Confused, they turned to GNOME developers for assistance.

27 April 2022
kde kog logo

KDE Plasma 5.25 Adds a Cool Customisation Feature

KDE Plasma 5.25 offers a dynamic new customisation feature that sets the system accent colour based on the colour of a user's desktop wallpaper.

26 April 2022
Kinetic Kudu 1

Ubuntu 22.10 Codename is Revealed (And It’s Kinda Kooky)

We share the Ubuntu 22.10 codename. The latest adjective + animal combination gives us a couple of clues about what to expect from October's new release.

25 April 2022

Ubuntu 22.04’s Snap-Only Software Store is a Bug, Not a Feature

I've seen a few people mention that Ubuntu 22.04 doesn't lets you search for, browse, or install .deb packages from the Ubuntu Software app. This is a bug.

30 March 2022
thunderbird logo

An Early Look at New Features in Thunderbird 102

Various new features are coming to Thunderbird, the open source email client. In this post we look at the biggest ones, like the all-new address book.

29 March 2022

‘Ubuntu Pro’ Settings Pulled from Ubuntu 22.04

The new Ubuntu Pro settings in Ubuntu 22.04 are being removed (for now). Devs say the backend that supports the security feature is 'delayed'.

25 March 2022

Ubuntu 22.04 Won’t Skimp on Wallpapers After All

Behold, 417 words on why Ubuntu being miserly with desktop backgrounds doesn't do it any favours, hence why I'm happy to hear it's changed its mind.

23 March 2022
ubuntu 22.04 lts screenshot

In Ubuntu 22.04 Light Means Light (Almost) Everywhere

Ubuntu 22.04 reverts back to a light GNOME Shell theme by default, having switched to a dark one in Ubuntu 21.04. We explain why this revert makes sense.

18 March 2022

Ubuntu 22.04 Lets You Pick A Custom Accent Colour

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS includes a much-requested new feature: accent colours. Users can pick from 10 different colours to use in the GTK, Shell, and icon themes.

18 March 2022
gnome console and text editor icons

Try GNOME’s New Terminal & Text Editor on Ubuntu 22.04

You can take GNOME's brand new text editor and terminal client for a spin in Ubuntu 22.04, ahead of the stable GNOME 42 release this later this month.

8 March 2022