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Nautilus 43 Beta Arrives in Ubuntu 22.10 Daily Builds

Nautilus 43 beta has arrived in the latest daily builds of Ubuntu 22.10 “Kinetic Kudu”. “And?”, you quizzically quip. Well, it’s not that big of a deal. However, I was eager to see ‘what the […]

17 hours ago
nautilus icon against an LED screen

7 Big Changes Coming to Nautilus in GNOME 43

I run through 7 major changes to the Nautilus file manager in GNOME 43. From adaptive sidebar and new sorting options to deeper integration with Disks app.

9 August 2022
ubuntu-news banner

Ubuntu 22.04.1 Point Release Delayed Until Aug 11

The first point release in the Ubuntu 22.04 LTS series will arrive a week later than originally planned, due to issue affecting the OEM install option.

4 August 2022
half of a firefox logo and half of an ubuntu logo against a speed background

Ubuntu Devs Finally Fix Frustrating Firefox Snap Flaw

Ubuntu's Firefox Snap package is tackling a longstanding criticism in the beta channels, namely the lack of native messaging support, vital for add-ons.

27 July 2022
Linux Mint logo

Linux Mint 21 Beta is Now Available to Download

Linux Mint 21 nears release, but first: a beta! Testers, and enthusiastic early-adopters can download Linux Mint 21 beta to sample the new latest changes.

13 July 2022
half of a firefox logo and half of an ubuntu logo against a speed background

‘Significant Improvements’ Made to Ubuntu Firefox Snap

Canonical has often talked about how it has improved the startup time of Snap apps yet, for many of us, the improvements remained theoretical.

10 July 2022
Linux Mint logo

Linux Mint 21 Won’t Use Ubuntu’s ‘Killer’ Memory Feature

Linux Mint 21 won't use the memory management feature causing issues for users of Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. The news came in the distro's latest monthly update.

3 July 2022

Ubuntu 22.10 (Finally) Gets an Updated Settings App

Development builds of Ubuntu 22.10 just received an updated version of the GNOME Control Center (aka settings) app, which includes Ubuntu-specific options.

29 June 2022
pitivi video editor

Pitivi Video Editor Adds Beat Detection, Object Tracking + More

A new development version of Pitivi video editor is out and it boasts some major new features. The GTK-based video editor is currently in the midst of a GTK4 port as part of this year’s […]

27 June 2022

GNOME Devs Bring New List View to Nautilus File Manager

Rubber banding, a cute animation, and fixes for several long-standing inconsistencies feature in the latest development builds of the Nautilus file manager.

26 June 2022

New Version of ArcMenu GNOME Extension Released

Various enhancements are on offer in the latest version of ArcMenu, a popular GNOME Shell extension that adds a traditional app menu to the GNOME desktop.

26 June 2022

GNOME Devs Mockup the Linux Image Viewer I’ve Been Dreaming Of

In this post I get a little giddy over revised mockups from a GNOME designer that showcase the image viewer app I've dreamed of. Come mock me for it!

20 June 2022