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Tweets displayed on Ubuntu Touch

Twitter Core App Cancelled for Ubuntu Touch

Canonical software engineer Robert Bruce Park confirms plans to cancel the Twitter 'core app' for Ubuntu Touch.

23 March 2013
mechanig for Ubuntu

Interview With Devs Behind New Ubuntu Tweak Tool ‘Mechanig’

If you're an Ubuntu User that enjoys pushing their desktop customization to the limits, then you may have heard of new desktop configuration tool by the name of 'Mechanig'. Although desktop-tweaking tools aren't scarce, Mechanig aims to equip users with a fast, easy-to-use tool. I recently had the opportunity to interview the Freyja Development Team.

6 January 2013
OMG! Ubuntu! On Air!

Ubuntu Product Launch OMG! Google+ Hangout

Join Benjamin Kerensa, Bilal Akhtar and José Antonio Rey with guest Jono Bacon to discuss the exciting Ubuntu product announcement today. We invite OMG! readers and Ubuntu users to join us and share their thoughts […]

2 January 2013
Daniel Ryan and President Barack Obama

We Interview Daniel Ryan, Director of Front-End Development for ‘Obama for America’

With the Election in the rear-view mirror for Americans we are starting to learn about the tools, assets and people that helped President Barack Obama win re-election. One of tools that helped give Obama for America an edge was "Ubuntu" due to its cost-savings and the familiarity that members of the team had with it and how well it was supported in the cloud. I recently had an opportunity to interview Daniel Ryan, who was the Director of Front-End Development for Obama for America, and here's what he had to say...

28 November 2012

Hands On With The Dell XPS 13 Ubuntu Laptop

The Sputnik is Dell's cleverly code-named latest laptop endeavour. It's a Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook that has a line up of hardware that Dell feels will lure developers away from competing vendors. I spent just over a month testing out the Sputnik, having been sent a unit directly from the good folks at Dell. And here are my thoughts...

22 November 2012
Victoria University of Wellington

Scholarly Open Source Research

Kevin Carillo a PhD student at Victoria University of Wellington's School of Information Management is producing a PhD Thesis Project that hopes to identify the experiences of newcomers to open source projects and the behaviors of established contributors.

9 November 2012
Valve Linux Beta

Reddit Users Bypass Steam Linux Beta Invitations

OMG! Ubuntu! have learned from a reader that Reddit users on /r/linux_gaming have already figured out a way to bypass Valve's Beta Invitation - which allow users to start exploring Steam on Linux much earlier than the folks at Valve had likely planned for.

6 November 2012

Canonical Work to Improve Gaming on Ubuntu

Canonical's Bryce Harrington has spoken about efforts Canonical are making to provide Ubuntu users with a first-class gaming experience. As an Ubuntu Desktop team member, as well as the maintainer of, Harrington has played a key role in prepping Ubuntu for the arrival of games distribution service Steam and its troop of freshly ported Linux gaming titles, as well as enhancing the experience of existing games from the links of Unity3D and The Humble Indie Bundle.

11 October 2012

Desktop Reddit App ‘Reditr’ Sees Alpha Release

Remember that neat new Reddit app - 'Reditr' - we mentioned back in July? Well today the folks behind Reditr have launched an alpha version that you can download and try.

8 October 2012
Leann Ogasawara

We Interview Leann Ogasawara, Canonical Kernel Team Manager, Marathoner and Mother

I first met Leann Ogasawara at the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Oakland, California back in May of this year and ever since hearing her talk about the various projects she works on I wanted to get a interview in. Fortunately enough I was able to sync up with Leann to do the following interview despite her very busy schedule.

13 August 2012

Ubuntu on Air: Your Questions Answered

Join us this Today at 1800 UTC for Ubuntu on Air Last cycle we decided to just hang out after a release, and we had such a good time and learned so much from our […]

26 July 2012

Ubuntu 12.10 Development Update

In this update we reached out to Ubuntu Developer and juju Extraordinaire Clint Byrum for an interview and to see what he is working on in the 12.10 Release Cycle. Benjamin Kerensa: What are you doing […]

11 June 2012