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Lemur Ultra Front

Hands On With The System76 ‘Lemur Ultra’ Ubuntu Laptop

When it comes to laptops that solely ship Ubuntu as an Operating System one of the most well known names is System76. During the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Oakland, CA a few weeks back I had an opportunity to chat over lunch with System76 CEO, Carl Richell about the exciting products they are working on at their Headquarters in Colorado. Carl invited me to check out one of their current laptop offerings the Lemur Ultra which I spent some time with here in the labs.

2 June 2012

Ubuntu Developer Summit Keynote [Live Blog]

Mark Shuttleworth has delivered the keynote address to attendes of this weeks Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS-Q) being held at the City Center Marriott in Oakland, California. We blogged the keynote live, as it happened. 9:00 […]

7 May 2012

Kubuntu: they have invested millions in it

As the Kubuntu Community prepares for changes that come along with their new sponsorship from Blue Systems there is also an active dialogue between Blue Systems and Canonical to go over potential Trademark issues that […]

19 April 2012
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Ubuntu 12.04 Development Update 20

Development Update The Precise Pangolin Beta 2 is set to be released on Thursday, the 29th, If you feel comfortable testing beta releases, get the latest daily build and keep it updated. Don’t forget to […]

29 March 2012

OMG Interviews Valorie Zimmerman, Ubuntu women, Linux Grandma and Kubuntu Extraordinaire

Valorie has been a valuable contributor to the Kubuntu community and overall Free Open Source Software community for quite awhile and I had the privilege of meeting her last year at Community Leadership Summit and […]

13 February 2012
No Netflix on Ubuntu

Netflix: No plans to Support Linux

Back in July of last year after wrapping up at OSCON I shared a bit of information that brought some hope to the Linux community. While at the event I got a chance to speak with two engineers from Netflix […]

11 February 2012
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Ubuntu 12.04 Development Update 11

(This article was posted here before) Development Update Huzzah, time flies when you are having fun. We are in week 15 of the release already and have 13 weeks left until release. Next week, according […]

26 January 2012
CTL Ubuntu Lineup

A First Look at New Ubuntu Laptops and PCs from CTL

I had the opportunity yesterday to visit CTL Corp located in Portland, Oregon and sit down with Erik Stromquist, Executive VP and COO and Michael Tupper, Director of Business Development. The purpose of the visit was to get a highlight of CTL Corp's new Ubuntu Product initiative - and I was beyond excited.

10 January 2012
Spotify on Linux Beta with Apps

Spotify on Linux Beta Adds Spotify Apps

As previously announced Spotify on Linux now supports free accounts but the current stable release of the Linux client does not yet offer the newer features such as Spotify Apps. Spotify recently released a beta version […]

27 December 2011
Ryzom: The Science-Fantasy MMORPG

Taking a Glance at Ryzom the Science-Fantasy MMORPG

Although Ryzom has had a native Linux client for over a year now the game hasn’t gained much respect from Ubuntu gamers and with all honesty that is no reflection on the quality of this […]

14 December 2011