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Changing the icon theme on Ubuntu is an easy way to give your desktop a new look and feel. In this post we show you how to install Papirus icons on Ubuntu from a PPA.

Why use the Papirus icon set? Because it’s good — in fact, it’s one of the best icon themes for Ubuntu and other Linux distros, such as Linux Mint, Zorin OS, and Manjaro. Thousands of users use it, as do several Linux distributions.

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Better yet, this impeccably well-made pack boasts more than 1,000 individual app icons, and is still growing thanks to regular updates.

Coverage includes colourful, cleverly-designed glyphs for a crop of the best Ubuntu apps, including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and VLC. Indie apps, Steam games, and even some Windows software you can run through Wine are also supported.

Papirus icons use a playful palette of colours and simple shapes. This is combined with a subtle raised edge to give icons a semi-3D look that doesn’t yield to the modern trend for super-flat design, but doesn’t ignore it either.

Overall, the Papirus icon theme is as comprehensive as icon sets can get. It eschews a boxy rigidity in favour of free forms and shapes, delivering glyphs that look distinct yet maintain a consistent look and feel overall.

In short, it’s definitely worth trying!

Installing Papirus Icons on Ubuntu

The Papirus icon theme is designed to work with GNOME Shell, Cinnamon, Xfce, and other GTK+ based desktop environments. A version for KDE users is also available though is less frequently updated than this version.

You can install Papirus icons on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (and above) by adding the Papirus PPA to your list of software sources.

The quickest way to add the Paprius PPA is to run this command in a new Terminal window:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:papirus/papirus

Next, run this command to install the Paprius icon set:

sudo apt update && sudo apt install papirus-icon-theme

Once the Paprius icon theme is fully installed you can go ahead and change your icon theme to the Papirus icon pack using your desktop’s go-to tool.

On Ubuntu you can install the Tweaks app from the Ubuntu Software app to change icon theme. Then, launch the app and, go to the the appearance > icons section and pick the ‘Papirus’ icon pack. Icon changes in Ubuntu take effect immediately.

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