A number of notable enhancements are on offer in the latest version of ArcMenu.

If you’re not familiar with this GNOME extension — it’s one of the best GNOME extensions around — it offers a traditional app menu experience for GNOME Shell. All sort of layouts are available, ranging from simple setups styled like the Start Menu in Windows through to more exotic arrangements evocative of more niche operating systems.

The latest version of Arc Menu includes updated styling of the search entry box used by many of the extension’s most popular layouts, along with a new setting to modify the border radius of the input field where it shows. A bug fix: it’s now possible to paste content into the search field using ctrl + v.

screenshot of arcmenu's search box radius setting
Control the radius of the search box

Icon size settings for Categories and Applications are now split, allowing you to specific different size sittings for each; power buttons can now be displays in-line or as a sub-menu (the latter being more like Windows 11).

Talking of Windows, the Redmond Layout now lets you change the default view from ‘All Programs’ to ‘Pinned Apps’ (if you want to, of course).

Bug fixes packed in to the latest version include spacing tweaks for the GNOME Clocks and GNOME Weather widgets in the Raven layout, better handling of the Activities button when shown, and misc tweaks to the Tognee and ArcMenu layouts.

Arc Menu is free, open source software, source code is up on Gitlab.

You can install the latest version of Arc Menu from the GNOME extensions website, though an older version of the extension may be available in your distribution’s repositories.

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