A screenshot of the Font Downloader GTK app for Linux

Looking for an easy way to search and download fonts from Google Fonts on your Ubuntu desktop?

Try Font Downloader, a perfectly formed GTK front-end for the Google Fonts repository. The app makes it easy to browse, search, and filter (e.g., monospace, handwritten, etc) from the 1,075 free and open source fonts available on Google Fonts.

When you touch upon some typography you like the look of, Font Downloader makes it easy to test the font within the app (perfect to check it has the character coverage you need) as well download the font (to a folder of your choice) or install it on your system in ‘one-click’.

“One day I was bored of my terminal font and wanted to switch, unfortunately going through the entire process of searching Google Fonts for a font, then downloading, then copying and pasting it into my .fonts folder to only then test a font was a pain. So I decided to create this app,” the developer, Gustavo Peredo, explains on the GitHub page.

screenshot showing Font Downloader dark mode and custom text
Dark mode is included (naturally)

I’m toying with the idea of changing the feature font used on this site from Quicksand to Rubik, as the latter is something of a better tonal match for a tech-orientated blog.

Using Font Downloader for Linux I can easily download these fonts straight from Google Fonts and install them on my system to use in my local web dev environment, without ever opening a browser or another application.

In short, Font Downloader is a supremely well-designed GTK app (mobile-friendly too) tailored to the task of finding and installing fonts. If you’re looking to try out some alternative typeface on your desktop, development, or graphic designs, take it for a test!

Font Downloader on Flathub

Need an advanced font manager app for Ubuntu? Try the well-titled Font Manager. We looked at it last year and came away impressed at its range of features.

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