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We regularly write about new GTK apps for Linux, updates to existing GTK apps, and other developments related to them — check out the posts below to find some great new software.

Varia is a Brand New Download Manager for Linux

Varia is a new, open-source download manager for Linux based on Aria2, a powerful command-line download utility. As the user interface is built with GTK 4 and libadwaita, Varia looks perfectly in-keeping with other modern […]

28 November 2023

NewsFlash 3.0 Released with Slick New Look

A new version of Linux RSS client NewsFlash is out – and newsflash: it’s looking good! I’ve written about this app in detail in the past so I won’t cover its core feature set in […]

22 September 2023

Tube Converter Gets New Backend for Improved Stability

A major update to Tube Converter is now available. If you’re not familiar with this GTK4/libadwaita app, it’s a GUI tool that makes it easy to download videos from YouTube (assuming you have permission, etc) […]

27 May 2023

This Linux ChatGPT App Makes AI More Accessible

Fancy talking to ChatGPT from your Linux desktop without opening a web browser? Well, using Bavarder (if I’ve spelt it right) you can. This new app is written in Python and GTK4/libadwaita and its premise […]

3 May 2023
screenshot of Cubic, a custom Ubuntu ISO creator for Linux

Want to Create a Custom Ubuntu ISO? Try Cubic

Create a custom Ubuntu ISO using Cubic, an open-source GTK app with an easy-to-use interface. The app works on Ubuntu 18.04 and up.

28 February 2023

‘Damask’ is a New Wallpaper App for Linux Desktops

Want fresh wallpapers, daily? Try Damask for Linux, recently added to Flathub. This GTK app can set daily background from Bing, NASA, Unsplash, & Wallhaven.

22 January 2023

Use This App to Schedule Restart/Shutdowns on Ubuntu

We look at Time Switch, a GTK app makes it easy to schedule a restart or shutdown on Ubuntu. It also allows you to run a custom command at a specific time.

8 January 2023
screenshot of monitorets

Updated: Monitorets is a Cute System Monitor Tool for Linux

Monitorets is a very simple app that shows live updating graphs for CPU, RAM, network, and disk usage. It can also show GPU and temperature information too.

5 January 2023
converter app logo

‘Converter’ is a Neat New Image Conversion Tool for Linux

Using this free, open source app you can convert an image into another image format on Linux, including converting an image to a PDF. Learn more inside.

3 January 2023
the logo for gtk audio tag editing Ear Tag

Ear Tag (GTK Audio Tag Editor) Gets a Major Performance Boost

A quick run-through of what's been added to Ear Tag, a beautifully designed utility for editing the metadata of audio files quickly, and easily on Linux.

27 December 2022
screenshot of ear tag for linux

Use ‘Ear Tag’ to Quickly Edit Audio Tags on Linux

Keep your music files tagged correctly with Ear Tag, a lightweight Linux app that built for quickly editing metadata for single audio files – I love it!

7 December 2022
screenshot of the G4Music app window showing an audio track being played

G4Music is a GTK4 Music App for Linux Desktops

G4Music bills itself as a "beautiful, fast, fluent, light weight music player" and after using it I can't disagree. Learn more about this GTK4 music app.

6 December 2022