Mirror Android screen on Ubuntu desktop

A new version of Scrcpy, the terrifically easy way to mirror your Android smartphone on your desktop and interact with it, is out.

Scrcpy v1.15 picks up the ability to forward ctrl and shift keys to your handset. Why is that useful? Because it means you can now use familiar keyboard shortcuts on your device in apps that support them, e.g., ctrl + t to open a new browser tab in a browser.

This nifty addition is also able to pass ctrl + c and ctrl + v to Termux, if you use it. It also supports text selection easier using shift + and similar.

With the ctrl key now in use for shortcuts Scrcpy now uses the left alt or left super key as its shortcut modifier. Don’t like this? It can be changed.

Copy and paste is hugely improved in this release too, building on the auto clipboard sync the last release introduced. As well as being more user-friendly the clipboard size is increased to 256k (up from a mere 4k).

Other changes include generating repeated key press events when holding down a key (with a CLI flag to disable this); and better “screen off” behaviour.

Scrcpy is free, open source software for Windows, macOS and Linux. You can, as always, grab the very latest release from the project GitHub page:

View Scrcpy Releases on GitHub

If you use Ubuntu (or another Snap-supported Linux distro) you can install Scrcpy from the Snap Store:

View Scrcpy on the Snap Store

Do remember that this is command-line based tool, ergo you don’t get a fancy app icon to launch it from. If you want Scrcpy’s goodies in a mouse-friendly format there is an (unofficial) guiscrcpy project (which is also available as a Snap).

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