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Hardware Accelerated Chromium Snap Ready to Test

If you run Ubuntu on a laptop or PC with 7th-generation Intel chips or later and you’re a fan of the Chromium browser, it’s your lucky day! Canonical has partnered with Intel to make a […]

9 May 2023
musicpod app for ubuntu

MusicPod is a New Music, Podcast, and Radio Player for Ubuntu

MusicPod is a promising new music, podcast, and internet radio app for Ubuntu desktops that's built with Flutter. Learn more inside.

11 March 2023
steam running on Ubuntu as a snap app

Canonical’s Steam Snap Will Let You (Easily) Switch Mesa Stacks

The Steam snap app is levelling up its graphics prowess, as Canonical reveals plans to make different Mesa versions available for users to switch between.

25 October 2022
half of a firefox logo and half of an ubuntu logo against a speed background

‘Significant Improvements’ Made to Ubuntu Firefox Snap

Canonical has often talked about how it has improved the startup time of Snap apps yet, for many of us, the improvements remained theoretical.

10 July 2022
bluemail email client screenshot

BlueMail E-Mail Client Gets a Makeover, Support for Wayland

BlueMail is a free, proprietary e-mail client with Linux builds. It supports most mail providers and protocols, has a large feature set, and now a new look.

28 June 2022
eversticky is an Evernote sticky notes app for linux

An Evernote-Compatible Sticky Notes App for Linux Desktops

EverSticky is an open-source sticky notes app for Linux desktops that syncs to Evernote. It supports text formatting and even checkbox notes, and more.

5 June 2022
half of a firefox logo and half of an ubuntu logo against a speed background

How Canonical Plans to Make the Firefox Snap, Snappier

Fed up with slow startup times for the Firefox Snap on Ubuntu? Canonical hears you, and wants you to know it's going to do something about it.

26 May 2022
Plex HTPC screenshot

Don't Miss: Plex Desktop App Debuts on Linux as a Snap

Two new Plex Linux apps are now available to download from the Snap Store on Ubuntu. The new Plex Desktop and Plex HTPC apps are must-haves for media bods.

26 May 2022
install firefox apt not snap on ubuntu

How to Install Firefox as a Deb on Ubuntu (Not a Snap)

A short guide on how to install Firefox from a PPA on Ubuntu 22.04 and remove the Firefox Snap. Doing this gets you a faster Firefox that can do more OOTB.

24 April 2022

Use Snaps? You’ll Dig This Nifty GNOME Extension

Speed up your Snap management workflow with this handy applet stuffed with shortcuts. It even lets you pause Snap updates for a specific period.

9 March 2022

‘UpNote’ Note-Taking App is Now Available on Linux

If you're yet to settle on a note-taking service that works across platforms you may want to check out a new option now available for Linux: UpNote.

3 March 2022

Updated: Pinta Image Editor Gets Feature Tweaks & Bug Fixes

The image editing app Pinta has a new bug-fix release out. Pinta 1.7.1 is intended as the final update in the GTK2-based series, with a GTK3 build (dubbed Pinta 1.8) said to be nearly ready […]

22 November 2021