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Pinta 2.0 screenshot

Pinta 2.0 Released, Completes Port to GTK3 & .NET 6

Planning to indulge your creative ice this year? If so, check out the release of Pinta 2.0. The open source image editor has been ported to GTK3 & .NET 6.

1 January 2022

New GTK Website Design Goes Live to Help Boost Linux App Development

A major redesign of the GTK project website is now live. The homepage serves as a central port of call for developers who are interested in using GTK.

21 February 2020

GTK Apps Now Look MUCH Better on the KDE Plasma Desktop

Improvements to the KDE Plasma desktop mean GTK applications using client side decorations (CSD, aka header bars) now look well integrated under KDE.

1 December 2019
screenshot of ubuntu showing applications

LibreOffice 6.4 Will Ship With Native GTK Dialogs on Linux

LibreOffice completes work on porting dialogs to native GTK, and LibreOffice 6.4 will make 'no direct uses' of the cross-platform VCL toolkit.

1 November 2019
stop theming apps

App Devs Ask Linux Distros to “Stop Theming Our Apps”

group of independent Linux app developers have written an open letter to the wider GNOME community to ask dilators to "stop theming our apps".

24 May 2019
libreoffice gtk dialog -- new

LibreOffice Will (Finally) Use Native GTK Dialogs on Linux

The next major release of LibreOffice will use native GTK3 dialogs on Linux desktops.  “Wait —LibreOffice doesn’t already use GTK dialogs?!” you might be asking. It was certainly my own first reaction when I opened an e-mail about the […]

5 March 2018
chromium with gtk3 support

Why The Next Chromium Update Will Look a Lot Nicer On Linux

The next stable update to Chromium uses GTK3 by default. This means Chromium 59 is able to adopt more of the underlying GTK theme of the desktop.

5 June 2017

Firefox 46 Released, Finally Brings GTK3 Integration

Feature fans will be relieved to hear this release comes with no divisive change á la the removal of tab groups in Firefox 45.

26 April 2016
GNOME GTK3 Pop Over Example

New Pop-Over Dialogs Heading to GNOME Apps

For all the initial concerns GNOME's visual overhaul is really starting to come together, as the addition of new pop-over dialogs shows.

24 January 2014

GTK3 Support Comes To Opera

Opera developers have confirmed that GTK3 support is in the works for the cult browser.

13 September 2011
Placeholder koala image

Ambiance GTK3 port ‘Adwance’ gives GNOME 3 users some ubuntu flavour

Ubuntu 11.04 users who have opted for GNOME Shell over Unity as their desktop environment can benefit from a truly integrated Ambiance theme, thanks to DeviantArtist thedeviantmars.

10 May 2011