Mozilla has pushed out the Firefox 73 release, so this post we take a quick look at the new features Firefox 73 brings.

Or rather we would if there were any. Not every new release of an app ships with shiny new bells and hot sounding whistles, much to the chagrin of idle-handed bloggers like me!

Accordingly, Mozilla Firefox 73 is a modest bug-fix update that continues to pump the vein of change Firefox 72 laid out, i.e. iterative improvements rather than headline features.

For this release Mozilla has delivered two substantial improvements to accessibility, the features designed to help make navigating the web easier for people who need it.

First up is page zoom. You may be used to setting zoom level on a per-site basis. That’s undoubtedly handy as some sites need zooming in (or zooming out, as in the case of ours on small width screens). But Firefox 73 introduces a global zoom setting.

Hidden away in the about:preferences > “Language and Appearance” setting Firefox’s default zoom level can be scaled up or down from 100% as needed.

But don’t panic about losing per-site zoom levels: any changes to zoom levels you make on websites will still stick, it’s just the default zoom level that changes.

Secondly, Firefox users on Windows who make use of that system’s High Contrast Mode will now find that websites with page backgrounds …still have backgrounds, i.e. they are no longer disabled when High Contrast Mode is enabled.

The Network Settings tab now allows users to set NextDNS as the DNS over HTTPS provider, where it joins CloudFlare.

Finally, a bunch of security fixes also feature in this update, as do some pertinent bug patches.

Download Firefox 73

Mozilla Firefox 73 is free open source software available for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android. It can be downloaded from the Firefox project website below:

Get Mozilla Firefox

Ubuntu users (as well as those on an Ubuntu-based distro like Linux Mint, elementary OS and Zorin OS) will receive this update automatically via the Software Updater tool in the coming days.

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