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Opera One Aria prompt bar

Opera One, an AI-infused Web Browser, Hits Linux

I haven’t used the Opera web browser since… Well, forever – but I’m well aware it remains a popular option with folks. Today, June 20, Opera hit version 100 and, through the power of marketing, […]

20 June 2023
Firefox unimpressed emoji

Microsoft Wants Firefox to Ditch Google, Switch to Bing

Here’s a (hopefully toy) cat to toss amongst the pigeons – Microsoft is rumoured to be eyeing up a deal that would make Bing the default search engine in Mozilla Firefox. The rumour, by way […]

11 May 2023
Vivaldi web browser logo

Vivaldi Browser Now Boasts Mastodon Integration

Vivaldi web browser already does a lot, and as of the latest update it does a bit more: Mastodon, with native support for the decentralised social hub.

7 December 2022
Vivaldi web browser logo

Vivaldi Web Browser Continues Adding Every Feature, Ever

Furthering its ambition to replicate absolutely everything in existence inside itself, the latest Vivaldi web browser release adds a productivity feature.

5 October 2022
firefox logo on an orange background

Firefox 104 Released with Tweaks to Reduce Battery Usage When Idle

As sure as the sun rises so a new version of the Mozilla Firefox web browser appears every 4 weeks. The latest is here, v104, so we check out what's new.

22 August 2022
firefox logo on an orange background

Firefox 103 Available to Download, But Promised Swipe Gesture is MIA

If you’re impatient to get your hands on the latest version of the Mozilla Firefox web browser you’ll pleased to hear Firefox 103 is now up on the Mozilla FTP ahead of a formal release […]

25 July 2022
firefox logo on an orange background

Firefox 102 Adds GeoClue Support on Linux, Improves PDF Viewer

Mozilla Firefox 102 is out with a host of small but welcome improvements, including support for GeoClue geo-location detection on Linux desktops — nice!

27 June 2022
Vivaldi UI set to 400%

You Can Increase Vivaldi UI Size (Because Of Course You Can; It’s Vivaldi)

I was using Vivaldi on Linux blissfully unaware that you can zoom the UI to increase the size of tabs, window controls, and in-app features. See how!

16 June 2022
Vivaldi web browser logo

Vivaldi Mail is Stable, Ready for Everyday Use

The Vivaldi web browser now comes with a built-in email client with configurable layout and offline support. Plus, new calendar & RSS feed reader features.

9 June 2022
firefox logo

Firefox 101 Released with Only Minor Changes

A new month means a new version of Mozilla Firefox, now up to version 101. In this post we look at what's (barely) changed, and when the update rolls out.

30 May 2022
Vivaldi web browser logo

Vivaldi Web Browser Turns 5, Celebrates with New Features

Vivaldi celebrates its 5th year of existence with a new update. The latest build of the feature-filled browser adds a translate panel and shareable themes.

2 December 2021
edge surf game with tux penguin

Microsoft Edge Has a Secret Linux Easter Egg

Did you know that Microsoft Edge for Linux has a hidden easter egg featuring Tux, the Linux mascot? I certainly until didn’t until today — but it does! You probably know about Google Chrome’s dino […]

25 November 2021