Adapta is one of the best GTK themes available for Linux desktops — so popular that Google forked it for use in Chrome OS.

Making a GTK theme isn’t easy. Keeping it up to date? Well, that’s even harder. And despite its relative success the Adapta theme is currently without a maintainer.

Which is why I’m writing this post. I’d hate to see such a widely-used theme fall to the wayside.

Not that this is new.

This theme has been on the hunt for a new maintainer since October 2018.

With several major updates to the GTK-based desktop environments in the intervening time, chances are there are bits of the Adapta theme need patching, tweaking, and/or updating.

If you or anything you know is into Linux theming, and fancy taking charge of one of the more popular skins available, do reach out to Adapta’s former maintainer via Gitlab (yes Gitlab; despite the code being on Github the theme’s former maintainer switched to Gitlab).

Thanks Adam

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