It’s never been easier to update the firmware of your favourite devices on Linux, and that’s due (in very large part) to the creation of the LVFS.

The LVFS (Linux Vendor Firmware Service) is a free platform that OEMs, ODMs and other equipment makers can use to distribute UEFI firmware updates to Linux users.

“Hardware vendors like Lenovo, Logitech and Intel use the LVFS to distribute firmware updates to Linux users.”

Leveraging the LVFS (and the open-source fwupd tool), Linux distributions like Ubuntu allow users to install firmware updates alongside regular software and OS updates.

The Software app is able to scan the service’s database to find firmware updates for compatible/attached hardware, then offer to download and install it — no manufacturer-specific flashing tools required.

LVFS Hits Major New Milestone

firmware update for thinkpad
The LVFS makes installing firmware updates easier on Linux

The ease and efficiency of the delivery system means support for the LVFS is fast gaining momentum, as we’ve highlighted many times before.

Major hardware vendors like Lenovo, Logitech and Intel — companies who long provided Windows-only flashing tools to their customers — use the LVFS to distribute their firmware updates to Linux users.

And to underscore precisely how successful the service has become is this stat from Red Hat’s Richard Hughes, the driving force behind the LVFS:

Yes, his tweet does indeed say half a million downloads in the last month — pretty epic stat!

And, as Richard mentions, the LVFS recently transferred over to the Linux Foundation.

This move will help to “…give the project a lot more credibility with existing LF members”, according to Richard, who adds that the backend will switch from being “a little VM in AMS to a fully scalable orchestrated thing maintained by people who actually understand how to be a sysadmin.”

The next goal is 1 million firmware updates a month — will you be a part of it?

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