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A Lenovo laptop with the Linux mascot

Must Read: The Linux Vendor Firmware Service Marks a Major Milestone

LVFS makes it easy to update firmware on Linux for hardware from the likes of Logitech, Lenovo and Intel. Now the service is celebrating a major milestone.

31 March 2019
Hollywood sign with open source logo

Hollywood Casts Open Source Software in Starring Role

Amazing news out of Variety, the entertainment website, this weekend: Hollywood is going open source. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences — best known for ‘The Oscars’ award ceremony — has teamed up […]

12 August 2018
Google Sign illuminated

Google is Now a Platinum Member of The Linux Foundation

Google is now a Platinum member of The Linux Foundation. A long-time member of the non-profit organisation, Google has chosen to increase the amount of money it donates to the foundation from $100k a year to […]

1 July 2018
github logo

The Linux Foundation Says We Should ‘Celebrate’ Microsoft Buying GitHub

Not everyone is thrilled by news that Microsoft is buying Github — and you might think the Linux Foundation is among them. Well, it isn’t. The head of the Linux Foundation says the Microsoft snapping up GitHub is […]

14 June 2018

A World Without Linux Episode 2 Is Now Online

A World Without Linux Episode 2 is now available to watch. The latest clip in the video series says we'd literally be lost without Linux.

15 October 2015

A World Without Linux Video Series: Episode 1

A new video series has been launched to mark the 24th anniversary of the Linux Kernel - and asks you to imagine a world without it.

6 October 2015

Linus Torvalds’ Workspace Is Nothing Like I Imagined (Video)

If you've ever found yourself wondering what sort of workspace environment the creator of Linux works from, it's your lucky day.

18 July 2014

Valve Joins Linux Foundation, Looks To Improve Hardware Support from OEMs

In a move that will surprise precisely no-one, Valve, the company behind Steam, the popular gaming distribution platform, has joined the Linux Foundation.

4 December 2013
tux the linux penguin

New Video Celebrates Linux Success in 2012

A new video celebrating the achievements of Linux during 2012 has been published online by the Linux Foundation. At 2:38 minutes long the video offers whirlwind highlights of a number of milestones reached by the open-source Unix operating system during the last 12 months.

13 December 2012