ubuntu 18.04 LTS on a laptop
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

The stable Ubuntu 18.04 LTS release arrives later today (April 26) which make now a great time to swat up on the changes the ‘Bionic Beaver’ brings with it.

Because, between you and me, it sure is packed with plenty of ’em!

So let us present our Ubuntu 18.04 video. It may be short when compared to others but we think it’s focused, to the point, and perfect for those who only upgrade from LTS release to LTS release.

In 3 minutes and 45 seconds we recap what’s new in Ubuntu 18.04 at a brisk pace. We touch on all of the major improvements, like new desktop, new lock screen, new notifications, and more.

Oh, and I couldn’t resist giving a shout out to color emoji support. Sorry!

Perfect length for watching on your commute, while bleary-eyed in bed, or simply bored while sat on the toilet (eww, please don’t do that).

So, strike play on the video beneath to set eyes on the most significant set of sizeable changes Ubuntu has shipped with for quite some time!

If you can’t watch the video above you can read about all of the new features in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS in our text review coming out later this afternoon.

But for now, let us know what you think about this wee video in the comments section below — and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more Ubuntu videos.

ubuntu 18.04 LTS