firefox 57 on ubuntu

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Firefox 57 is awesome — so awesome that I’m finally using it as my default browser again.

But there is one thing it the Linux version of Firefox sorely needs: client-side decoration.

If you follow this site on Twitter, you might have seen me whine my tweet about it last week:

The good news is that Firefox CSD for Linux is on the way — and soon you won’t need to run a patched version of the browser from an obscure repository to try it out.

The latest Firefox Nightly build adds a handy ‘title bar’ toggle in the ‘Customize‘ palette:

The bad news (for now) is that the option (while present) doesn’t actually enable CSD on Ubuntu (it does, however, seem to be working for some).

Try It For Yourself

If you’re keen to see if it works for you just download Firefox Nightly from the Mozilla website, unpack the archive and launch the browser using the binary inside. Once running, open the Firefox menu > Customise > check the “Title bar” box.

And, et voila — nothing will happen.

You need to quit and relaunch the browser for the change to take effect.

When it comes back up you’ll either notice next-to-no-difference (bar the first tab moving a few pixels) or have classy CSD on show.

CSD greatly reduces the amount of space Firefox takes up on the GNOME and Unity desktops, as this screenshot I’ve stolen from Reddit shows:

Much neater, right?

Sadly, as I mentioned, Firefox CSD isn’t working for me on Ubuntu 17.10 with the November 24 nightly build. Your mileage may vary (especially if you’re reading this in the future).

Also, whether it works or it doesn’t, do remember that this feature is development and considered experimental. You should expect bugs, bugs and more bugs.

There’s also no specific date from Mozilla on when (or if) the CSD/title bar option will filter down to the beta and stable branches — but if you spot it, do give us a heads-up via the usual methods!

Big thanks Adam A.

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