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Quickly Paste Frequently Used Text With This Indicator Applet

Are there chunks of text you regularly use? ASCII artwork you often send? Long terminal commands you traditionally type out in full?

3 October 2016

Udisks Indicator Makes Monitoring and Mounting Drives Easy on Ubuntu

Want to get quick, at-a-glance details about your connected drives while on Ubuntu? A new indicator applet aims to help. UDisks-Indicator is a small panel-based applet that shows disk usage information about mounted partitions. It’s being […]

28 September 2016
sound switcher applet for ubuntu

Indicator Sound Switcher Makes Switching Audio Devices on Ubuntu a Snap

Indicator Sound Switcher makes it easy to switch between multiple audio input and output devices on the Ubuntu desktop.

26 September 2016

Simple Weather Indicator for Ubuntu Now Has Its Own PPA

A new version of the 'no frills' weather indicator that I use on my Ubuntu desktop is available to download — and it finally has a PPA.

21 September 2016
bookmark indicator

Open Files Faster With Bookmarks Indicator for Ubuntu

A really simple way to get quick access to your favourite files and folders, all in a quick click.

15 September 2016
launcher list indicator options

Launcher List Indicator Update Adds PPA, New Workspaces Features

Did you find the Launcher List Indicator we wrote about recently useful? If so, you'll want to check in with the latest version that's available.

11 September 2016
rotate screen indicator applet

Rotate Screen on Ubuntu Easily With This Indicator Applet

Sam, our backend web hamster, makes occasional use of a portrait monitor. He says it makes reading long terminal sessions easier.  I say it makes him weird. I digress; I know he’s not the only person who uses a […]

22 August 2016