The applet in action

Did you find the Launcher List Indicator we wrote about recently useful? If so, you’ll want to check in with the latest version that’s available. 


Well, a number of you said how more useful this applet would be if the launcher lists changed depending on which workspace you use.

Well, this applet now supports exactly that!

Workspace Switcher

To get started you’ll first need to save a launcher list.

Just hit the “Toggle Workspace Switcher” option to enable the workspace mode. You can then assign a saved launcher list profile to a specific workspace. When you switch workspace, the list of apps pinned to the Unity launcher automatically changes.

Use the “Reconfigure Workspace Lists” to set which list of apps is activated by which workspace (you must have the ‘show workspace switcher’ option enable in System Settings > Appearance > Behaviour for this feature to work).

launcher list workspaces option

More Options

launcher list indicator options

The applet has also added a host of other changes since we last featured it, including:

  • ‘Remove entry’ dialog makes it easy to delete a launcher config
  • Mouse over and scroll on the indicator to cycle through lists
  • Set a custom icon (new monochrome default icon)
  • Toggle the applet label (hidden by default)
  • Toggle Unity Launcher auto-hide
  • ‘Clear Launcher’ option

Install Launcher List Indicator on Ubuntu 16.04

Launcher List Indicator now has its own dedicated PPA from which you can install the very latest release — handy!

To add the PPA and install the latest version of Launcher List Indicator on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS you need to open a new Terminal window (Ctrl + Alt + T) and run the following two commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:launcher-list-indicator/ppa
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install launcher-list-indicator

If you don’t fancy adding the PPA you can download an installer from the PPA package page.

Download Launcher List Indicator from Launchpad

You can also download the source from GitHub.

Small note: If you have issues running the application after installing from the PPA you will need to — as painful as it might be — delete the .launcher_profiles.json files in your Home folder.  After removing or renaming these the application should start. 

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