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Ubuntu 20.04 Supports Fingerprint Login, Improvements Planned

You can login to Ubuntu using your fingerprint in the latest LTS release, but Ubuntu and GNOME devs are working together to improve the experience.

24 April 2020

Ubuntu Phone to Add Fingerprint Unlocking

Ubuntu is to work on adding support for a new fingerprint authentication API in mobile builds The feature would allow future Meizu PRO 5 Ubuntu Edition owners to unlock their devices using their finger print, and […]

19 February 2016

Ubuntu Phone To Gain Biometric Security Features

Ubuntu Phones running secure biometric identity tools will be demoed at next week's Mobile World Congress.

15 February 2016

[How To] Get Your Fingerprint Reader Working in Ubuntu

Fingerprint readers, whether for legitimate security reasons or just as a nifty feature that lets you feel vaguely James Bond-ish, have checkered support under Linux. However there is always a solution.

26 March 2013