Santa has come early for Linux gamers, as the latest Humble Indie Bundle goes live.

Back for its 7th ‘indie’ outing, the latest iteration of the ‘pay what you want’ promotion features 6 games and a feature-length documentary on the ‘struggles’ faced by a number of indie developers.

This bundle comes just days after the last, the non-Linux supporting THQ Bundle, ended, making over $5million in all.

The Games

So what can as little as little as a single solitary penny buy you?

  • Closure – Puzzle game
  • Shank 2 – 2D side-scrolling ‘brawler’
  • The Binding of Isaac ( with Wrath of the Lamb) – top down RPG shooter
  • Snapshot – Side-scrolling platformer

If you choose to pay more than the ‘average’ price – $5.88 at the time of writing – you’ll also bag another two titles:

  • Dungeon Defenders – Tower defence game
  • Legend of Grimrock – 3D Dungeon Crawler


When it comes to ‘installing’ your Humble purchases you have a few options. You can make use of any direct download packages linked to from your receipt page; use your Steam key, or redeem via the Ubuntu Software Center.

Instructions for all of these are provided by the Humble website, so poke around if you’re unsure.

Humble Indie Bundle 7

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