Popular desktop icon-set Faenza has been updated with new icons and Ubuntu 11.10 support.

Amongstnew and updated icons are to-do app ‘Wunderlist‘; GNOME Contacts; and Qt music player ‘Clementine’.Tweaked icons includeGParted, GConf Editor,and generalfoldericons.

faenza icons in Ubuntu 11.10

New Themes

To better adapt to use in Ubuntu 11.10 Faenza 1.1 sees two new themes introduced – ‘Faenza-Ambiance’ and ‘Faenza-Radiance’. Each theme provides suitable mono-panel icons and other Ubuntu-specific tweaks.

Faenza Ambiance and Radiance themes in Ubuntu 11.10

Install and enable Faenza in Ubuntu 11.10

The Faenza icon set is available for Ubuntu 10.04 through 11.10 via its official PPA.

To install from it first addppa:tiheum/equinoxto your Software Sources

Next, run an update using Update Manager.

Finally, proceed to install Faenza by pressing the button below.

SettingFaenza-Ambianceor Faenza-Radiance as the default icon theme in ubuntu 11.10 requires the use of GNOME Tweak Tool. This is not installed by default but is readily available through the Ubuntu Software Centre.

Once GNOME Tweak Tool has been installed you just need to open it up and head to the ‘Themes’ section. From there choose either ‘Faenza-Ambaince’ or ‘Faenza-Radiance’ from the drop-down box next to the “Icon Theme” label. Changes will be applied instantly.

select icon theme from GNOME Tweak Tool

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