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Faenza Icon Set Updates, Adds New App Icons

Popular icon set 'Faenza' has been updated to support Ubuntu 12.10. New icons for Ubuntu One Music and Ubuntu Online Accounts have been added, and new designs debut for Twitter, Spotify and Contact

30 October 2012

Canonical Hire ‘Faenza’ Designer to Work on New Ubuntu Icon Set

Canonical have hired Faenza icon maker Matthieu James to work on a new icon set for Ubuntu. The news was revealed by Mark Shuttleworth during a community question and answer session earlier today.

25 October 2012
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Faenza Icons for Humble Indie Bundle Games

With the release of every new Humble Indie Bundle comes an influx of additional applications to my desktop. But as these don't match the Faenza icon theme the OCD-esque desire for desktop consistency prevents me from adding shortcuts to many of these games to the Unity Launcher. But that's where the 'Humble Faenza Bundle' - a set of Faenza-style icons for Humble-Bundeled games - comes in.

15 December 2011
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Faenza Icon Theme Updated, Adds Handful of New Icons

The popular icon set Faenza has been updated with new icons and fixes. Amongst the application icons added are those for music player Google Music Frame, gaming client Desura and messaging app Gaijm. Full change-log: […]

16 November 2011
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Faenza 1.1 Adds Ubuntu 11.10 Support, New Icons

Popular desktop icon-set Faenza has been updated with new icons and Ubuntu 11.10 support.

17 October 2011
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Faience: A Complete GNOME Shell Theme From The Creator of Faenza

Fans of Faenza may want to take a few minutes to calm themselves: its designer is crafting an entire GNOME Shell theme. 'Faience' is a complete theming solution for GNOME Shell comprising of a GTK2/3 theme, GNOME Shell theme and a Faenza-derived icon set. Click the image below for a supery-duper large version of the WIP so far, but note that the GTK2/3 theme has yet to be created.

28 August 2011
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Faenza icon pack for WebOS

WebOS users bored of their default icons can swap them out for Faenza variants, thanks to the packaging talents of maslinux.

17 June 2011
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‘Faenza Fresh’ adds extra app icons to Faenza icon set

The saying goes that you can't please everybody. That seems doubly true when your desktop appearance is involved. Even Faenza, the hugely popular 'squared' icon set for Linux, contains icon designs that send some people scouring for alternatives. Enter Faenza Fresh...

19 April 2011

Equinox Evolution: Beautiful Day Themed GTK Themes

Add some style to your desktop with the Equinox Evolution suite of themes by Faenza creator tiheum.

11 April 2011
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Faenza icons for LibreOffice

So you've installed LibreOffice but find the default icons a bit, well, OpenOffice-y. Nab some Faenza style replacements.

4 February 2011
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Faenza-styled gaming icons

These are too great to pass up on posting; Faenza-style game icons for a gaggle of popular Linux games.

22 January 2011
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Faenza icons for Android Desktop notifier

The useful ‘Android Notifier’ application, which displays alerts and notifications from your Android device on your Ubuntu desktop, is a firm favourite with Android-using Ubuntu fans. Now the app has received some Faenza-love icons courtesy of reader Matt.

16 December 2010