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the kdenlive video editor

Kdenlive Update Brings Bug Fixes for All

A bug-fix update to the refactored version of Qt-based video editor Kdenlive is available for download. The first point release in the Kdenlive 19.04 series features fixes for almost 40 bugs, including some annoying issues […]

12 May 2019
kmail opengpg

KMail User Survey Asks Which Features Need improvement

Do you use Kmail, the KDE email client? If so be sure to add make your feedback on heard by taking the short Kmail user survey.

1 August 2017
kde neon

ISO Image Writer is a new Qt-based Bootable USB Creator

Linux enthusiasts on the hunt for a reliable USB image writer will be pleased to hear that a new app is in development. The plainly named ‘ISO Image Writer‘ is a new app by Jonathan Riddell, […]

23 June 2017
latte dock

The Best KDE Plasma Dock App Is Now Stable

KDE dock app Latte Dock has made its first stable release. The stylish desktop dock supports Plasma 5.8 and above and is available from the KDE Store.

2 April 2017
latte dock

Latte Dock for KDE Desktops Is a Slick Plasma Panel Replacement

I rarely (if ever) see dock apps running on KDE desktops — but that could be about to change. Latte Dock is a new desktop dock for KDE. Think Plank but for Plasma. It’s more than an […]

15 March 2017

Peruse Is a Neat Comic Book Reader for KDE Desktops

Mcomix is my go-to comic book reader for Ubuntu, but for my KDE desktop I wanted something that feels more at home in the Plasma experience. After a bit of digging I came across Peruse. Peruse Comic Book […]

22 February 2017
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Meet AppMenu Runner – The KDE HUD

An Ubuntu HUD-Style menu launcher for KDE is in development. The project adds additional AppMenu features to the KRunner tool that allows users ‘to look and execute menu bar actions’ of the in-focus application using the keyboard. The […]

9 February 2012
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[How To] Increase Volume Past 100% in KDE

Veromix plasmoid for KDE offers many features, including per-app volume control, configurable equaliser and global hotkeys, but it also allows you to increase system volume past the default 100% point, thus making it handy when encountering a barely audible movie or audio file. Reader Ovidiu-Florin sent in a step-by-step guide for us to share with you on installing and configuring Veromix for this purpos

8 February 2012
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KDE 4.8 Released With New Features, Improvements

A new set of KDE releases has been announced by the KDE development team. KDE 4.8 provides 'major updates to KDE Plasma Workspaces, KDE Applications, and the KDE Platform'.

25 January 2012
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New Tool Gives Greater Control Over GTK Theming in KDE

Running GTK+ applications on the KDE desktop isn't as brutish-looking as it once was thanks to the creation of an oxygen-gtk theme. But as oxygen-gtk isn't capable of playing all that nice with GTK3 applications the following tool was created to offer up greater control over GTK apps running in KDE.

22 January 2012
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[How To] Add a “Places” Menu in KDE

KDE. Some think of it as the desktop environment that doesn't get the attention it deserves. What I like most about KDE is that there is Plasmoid (a form of widget for KDE) for almost everything - Facebook, clocks, weather, tweeting, start menus, Dash, calculator, system monitors etc... you name it.

12 January 2012
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Is Qupzilla The Best Browser You’ve Never Heard Of?

With the browser market dominated by Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer you could be forgiven for thinking that small browsers have little to offer. But Qupzilla, a multi-platform Qt-based web-browser, is worth taking for a spin. It boasts features comparable to Chrome and Firefox, yet uses less resources than either.

22 December 2011