Meet AppMenu Runner – The KDE HUD

An Ubuntu HUD-Style menu launcher for KDE is in development. The project adds additional AppMenu features to the KRunner tool that allows users ‘to look and execute menu bar actions’ of the in-focus application using the keyboard. The […]

[How To] Increase Volume Past 100% in KDE

Veromix plasmoid for KDE offers many features, including per-app volume control, configurable equaliser and global hotkeys, but it also allows you to increase system volume past the default 100% point, thus making it handy when encountering a barely audible movie or audio file.

Reader Ovidiu-Florin sent in a step-by-step guide for us to share with you on installing and configuring Veromix for this purpos

[How To] Add a “Places” Menu in KDE

KDE. Some think of it as the desktop environment that doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

What I like most about KDE is that there is Plasmoid (a form of widget for KDE) for almost everything – Facebook, clocks, weather, tweeting, start menus, Dash, calculator, system monitors etc… you name it.