Multiple photo uploading and easier installation feature in the latest release of Facebook Unity applet ‘Faccialibro‘.

Also fixed is a bug that prevented some users from running the applet correctly.

Multiple Photo Upload

The big feature in this update is support for Facebook photo uploading, and it couldn’t be simpler to use: just drag and drop your selection of photos on to the Faccialibro Launcher icon and the photos will automatically be uploaded. If you want them to appear in a specific folder, select a folder using the ‘Photo Album’ quicklist entry prior to uploading.




Note: If you have installed Faccialibro previously you will first need to remove the hidden .faccialibro directory from your Home folder, as well as drag its icon off of the Unity Launcher.

Extract the downloaded archive linked above in to your home directory. (I.e. download the package above into your Home folder, right click on it and choose ‘Extract here’ from the menu)

One extracted open a new Terminal window and enter the following commands separately: –

  • cd .faccialibro/
  • python

Finally, open .faccialibro directory in your Home Folder (you may need to press CTRL+H to reveal it), double-click on it, then drag-and-drop the Faccialibro.desktop file inside on to Unity Launcher.

Should you need to installation of dependencies for the applet can be installed by running: –

  • python

Authorise the application with Facebook

In order for Faccialibro to receive notification of alerts it first has to be ‘authorised’ with Facebook. This isn’t a hassle; click on the Faccialibro icon now in your launcher to open Facebook in your browser. A prompt will show asking you to ‘Allow’ permissions for the app.

Once authorised you can close the window and let the applet do the work.


The code for Faccialibro can be found @

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