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[How to] Beautify Thunderbird in Ubuntu

Mozilla Thunderbird is the default email client in Ubuntu. It is easy to use and setup, has many advanced features and allows for easy customisation. And customization is exactly what this article is all about.

21 November 2011
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‘YeoWorks Ubuntu Solutions’ provides one-click fixes for common Ubuntu issues

Solving minor issues in Ubuntu just got easier with the launch of '?YeoWorks Ubuntu Solutions' - a small application that provides one-click 'solutions' for a raft of Ubuntu bugs, flaws and annoyances.

18 May 2011

10 things to do after installing Ubuntu 11.04

So you've downloaded or upgraded to the latest release of Ubuntu - the nominal Natty Narwhal - but what now? As great as Ubuntu is out of the box here are 10 things that can make your experience more of a swim in the ocean than a splash...

28 April 2011
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GDM2Setup Lets You Customize Your Karmic Login Screen

One complaint many users had when upgrading to Karmic was the loss of a GDM (login screen) setup tool to easily tweak the appearance of the login screen. Versions prior to Karmic allowed you to […]

24 February 2010
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[How To] Improve The Look of Picasa In Ubuntu

Google’s photo-management come editor program ‘Picasa’ is a wonderful application for sorting and imporiving the appearance of your photos. Shame it looks lame in Ubuntu! Thankfully you can do a few things to improve the look of Picasa, the […]

13 November 2009
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How To Use Custom Backgrounds In Grub2

Grub2 – the default boot-loader for new installations of Ubuntu 9.10 – has some nifty new features – including support for background images and custom font colours. Whilst the previous version of GRUB could also […]

4 November 2009
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Enhance Pidgin With Facebook Chat, Now Playing Status, Interface Tweaks

It may not be the default chat client in Ubuntu any longer, but Pidgin is still an awesome application. Below are 5 tweaks and plugin’s i install off-the-bat when i’m faced with a fresh version […]

12 October 2009