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Ubuntu Tweak 0.6.2 in Ubuntu 12.04

Precise Support Added to Ubuntu Tweak

Ubuntu 12.04 support has been added to popular third-party tweaking tool 'Ubuntu Tweak'.

10 February 2012

New Version of Ubuntu Tweak Released

A new version of Ubuntu tweak - the popular third party app for customising Ubuntu - is available for download. Ubuntu Tweak 0.6, which has been 2 years in the making, sports a new look and plenty of new features.

23 December 2011

Ubuntu Tweak Readies New Release

Popular third-party ubuntu utility 'Ubuntu Tweak' has been quiet for the last fews month - but with good reason. The developer behind the once 'must-have' application has been tailoring the tool for use with Ubuntu updated Unity interface and feature set.

14 December 2011
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Ubuntu Tweak update makes purging PPAs easier

A new bug fix release of Ubuntu Tweak that offers more dependable purging of PPAs has been released.

1 June 2011
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‘Confity’ lets you configure Ubuntu 11.04 Unity easily

Several days back we featured a rather useful app called 'GUnity' that gave you an easy way to tweak the Unity desktop to your liking. 'Confity', pictured below, is a similar application that follows the same 'ethos' as GUnity, only this tool provides a lot more bang for your proverbial free buck.

19 May 2011
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‘YeoWorks Ubuntu Solutions’ provides one-click fixes for common Ubuntu issues

Solving minor issues in Ubuntu just got easier with the launch of '?YeoWorks Ubuntu Solutions' - a small application that provides one-click 'solutions' for a raft of Ubuntu bugs, flaws and annoyances.

18 May 2011
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A quick play with the new look Ubuntu Tweak

I take a pre-beta play with Ubuntu Tweak 0.6

14 April 2011
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Ubuntu Tweak unveils new look, features for Ubuntu 11.04

With the advent of an entirely new desktop shell for Ubuntu 11.04 one could be forgiven for thinking that Ubuntu Tweak - the popular third-party interface and settings tweaking app - might be rendered obsolete. The truth is anything but.

1 April 2011

Latest Ubuntu Tweak stuffed full of new features

Feeling full after xmas? Me too. Time for a post-gluttonous recap on a apps which sneaked out new releases whilst the rest of us where noshing down stodgy cake and irrepressible amounts of mince pies... First up: Ubuntu Tweak.

27 December 2010
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Ubuntu Tweak 0.5.6 released – adds Desktop Recovery feature

The latest stable release of Ubuntu Tweak is now available, adding to its already impressive roster of features a new desktop and application recovery options. In the announcement on the release the Tweak-team say: – “Desktop […]

29 August 2010
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New Ubuntu Tweak Beta adds ‘desktop recovery’ feature

Where would we be without Ubuntu Tweak? Arguably one of the most popular applications for end-users it just keeps on giving. A new backup feature will be showing up in the next stable release and […]

23 August 2010
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Ubuntu Tweak adding ‘reset’ button – will make tweakers’ lives everywhere calmer

Ubuntu Tweak will be adding a ‘reset’ button after features and options which can be readily reset.. This latest feature once again makes Ubuntu Tweak a must-have application – never again will daring to customize […]

8 August 2010