[How To] Add OMG! Ubuntu! to the Unity Launcher

Avid users of OMG! Ubuntu! can now help manage their addiction by adding a nifty OMG! Ubuntu! item to the Unity launcher.

Okay, so it’s nothing more than a glorified bookmark in Unity clothing, but it does give you super quick access to various OMG! Ubuntu! sections. In fact all you have to do is press Super (a.k.a. the Win key), type OMG! and start OMG! Ubuntu! to open the homepage in your default browser.

Typing Game ‘OMG! Words!’ Updated for Ubuntu 11.10 & 12.04

Our OMG! Ubuntu! themed typing game OMG! Words! has been updated with support for Ubuntu 11.10 and, ahead of its release this April, Ubuntu 12.04.

Other than that there is nothing new: it still offers the same increasingly-frustrating game-play, cool soundtrack, and handful of annoying twists to make it a bit more challenging.

Download instructions and more information tucked up inside.

OMG! Ubuntu! Android App Broken

If you’re one of the 14,000 or so marvellous mobile folks who use our Android app then you might be wondering where the hell we’ve gone.

For almost a week now our dedicated Android app has not been loading new articles.

Whilst we’re figuring out of the cause of the issue (rather aptly it broke on SOPA strike day) we’ve pulled the app from the Android Market.