Time for a quick round-up of some nifty – albeit trivial – changes that have been added and/or improved in Ubuntu 11.04 over the last few days.

  • The login screen now lists the correct re-branded entries in the GDM session menu. (‘Ubuntu’, ‘Ubuntu Classic’ in place of  ‘Ubuntu Desktop Edition’, ‘Ubuntu Netbook’, etc.)
  • The Dash icon was updated to the ‘new look’ Circle of Friends’ logo: –

  • Unity added updated launcher icons for ‘Workspaces’, ‘Application lens’ and ‘File lens’
  • Shutter gained QuickList support in Unity granting easy right-click access to its most important features. This addition negates the need to manually whitelist it from the System Tray  area.

  • Emesene support was added to the Ubuntu Messaging Menu
  • Unity gained overlay scrollbars by default for some applications; the Dash gained new-look scrollbars

List natty shutter Unity