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Improved Look, ‘Unread Only’ Feature Added to OMG! Ubuntu! for Android

A native Android sidebar and several reader-requested features are available in the latest update to our Android application.

7 July 2013

Sliding Menu, Larger Thumbnails & More Added to OMG! Ubuntu! Android App

We updated our Android application yesterday with a few fixes and new features that some of you have been requesting.

23 April 2013
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[How To] Search OMG! Ubuntu! From GNOME Shell

If you've ever wanted to search OMG! Ubuntu! directly from the GNOME-Shell Acvitities Overlay then you're in luck! Reader Ivan Blagojević has created a 'search provider' for OMG! Ubuntu! that lets you search the site without needing to first open a browser.

18 June 2012
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Tell Us How You Pronounce Ubuntu

To answer the question in the image above we’re not asking how it should be said but, literally, how you say it. So don’t think about how you think it should be said, or how […]

20 March 2012
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Btw, We Have a Google+ Page

Google+ recently introduced “pages” for brands, blogs and anyone else with a self-inflated sense of importance. We have a lot of fans on our Facebook and Twitter pages, but as not everyone uses those services […]

9 November 2011
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We’ve open sourced our Android app – Java developers, come and play!

Just a quick notification to let everyone know that we've open sourced our OMG! Ubuntu! android application. All you budding Java coders can head on over to Launchpad and play around with the code.

22 August 2011
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O Hai Engadget!

Hands up if you're an avid reader of technology blog Engadget? Me too. Turns out some of their staff are also avid readers of OMG!, as this photo from a recent article shows...

18 August 2011
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Follow Ubuntu 11.04 reactions in our information Hub (update: back on)

Come Ubuntu release day, there's so much stuff happening it's often hard to keep track. There are new articles popping up on OMG! Ubuntu! throughout the day, reactions on Twitter and Identica, chat in the #ubuntu-release-party IRC channel and constant refreshes of to see if the release is, in fact, released.

28 April 2011

Help improve OMG! Ubuntu! by filling out this short survey

We've been working hard over the past month or so trying to improve the OMG! Ubuntu! experience for you guys, our faithful readers. It's all about making the experience the best we can for you, so if you can spare 20 minutes or so, we'd really appreciate your help in filling out this survey.

23 March 2011
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OMG! Ubuntu! Chrome web app

Everyone loves a glorified bookmark sat on their Chrome/ium new tab page and what better bookmark to have than one for OMG! Ubuntu!? It's nothing more than a big button that takes you to the site, but it's still nifty nonetheless.

11 March 2011
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Stepping back in time: The evolution of OMG! Ubuntu!

We've had many different looks over the life of this site, so I figured it would be pretty cool to see how the website has evolved over the past year, especially for those who have just started following. Half a dozen screenshots of the site evolution after the break.

9 September 2010
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Designing the new OMG! Ubuntu! site

As promised, in this post I discuss the new website design, decisions I had to make, trade-offs and the process I went through to establish a nice style. You also get some "behind the scenes" images and information on the history of how the design was born over the last few months! Click through to read the full article in all its glory!

3 September 2010