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tagger gtk audio tag editor

Tagger is a Terrific GTK Audio Tag Editor for Linux Desktops

Looking for an open source audio tag editor with a simple, straightforward UI and decent feature set? Check out Tagger, a new GTK app for Linux desktops.

20 June 2022
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‘Mounty’ – Simple Disk Image Mounter for Ubuntu

Mounting disc image files (.iso, .img, .dmg, etc) in Ubuntu isn't hard. There are a number of applications available designed to carry out the task. But Mounty, a system tray applet, is probably the easiest of them.

27 January 2012
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VTerminal is a lightweight pop-up terminal

Long for a pop-up Terminal to appear at the push of a button? Well, you got it with VTerminal.

2 February 2011
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Use App Runner to run scripts, installers & other exectuables easily on Ubuntu

Quickly and easily run any type of program/executable/script on Ubuntu using the small open source utility 'App Runner'. The tool disbands with the need to mark a file as "executable" before running, allowing you to run an installer, application, script or other OS supported executable automatically.

13 October 2010