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First Official Release of Music App Nightingale Available

The first official release of Songbird fork Nightingale has been made available for download. What's it like? Is it worth installing? Let's take a quick look and see...

6 March 2012
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Nightingale Preview Release – Songbird Sings Again

A new development release of music player ‘Nightingale’ has been made available for download. Songbird fork Nightingale was born after the former dropped official support for the Linux platform – a move that, it’s fair […]

20 December 2011
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Songbird Hits Version 1.9.3, Linux Build Available

Although "official" builds of Songbird for Linux are no longer distributed the Songbird community still provide 32bit Linux versions for the gecko-using media player's faithful flock.

13 February 2011
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Songbird for Linux: Not extinct yet, deb’s for the latest version

Official development and support for music-player Songbird on Linux was culled several months back but thanks to dedicated community support Linux users can still keep up with the Joneses and benefit from all the latest fixes n’ […]

12 August 2010
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Lyrebird renames to Nightingale; Songbird for Linux lives on

Songbird for Linux, whilst officially no-longer supported, will continue to live on thanks to a community driven effort. The project, which was originally titled Lyrebird, finally has a definitive new name: Nightingale. Very apt. The […]

6 April 2010
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Songbird drops Linux support; Why this doesn’t matter

The Songbird team have announced that they will no longer be officially supporting Linux versions of their media player. Community versions, will, however still be provided but there is no guarantee that these versions will see […]

3 April 2010
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Songbird 1.5 gets Video Playback Feature

Songbrid has gained video playback capabilities in the beta for forthcoming 1.5.0 release “Led Zepplin”. Video formats/codecs supported so far are WMV, MPEG-4, Theora and H.264, though the songbird team themselves note that “support is […]

1 January 2010