With Banshee selected as Ubuntu 11.04’s default music player one question has been circling our minds: will there be two music stores enabled by default, or just one? And if one – which one?

The Banshee development team have, in a blog post issued tonight, announced their position on this issue, one which will see the music app ship with the Ubuntu One music enabled and their own Amazon MP3 store – whose funds go to the GNOME foundation – turned off by default.

The Amazon MP3 store plug-in will remain available out of the box for Banshee users to activate, and, as before, all money from sales made through it will help support the GNOME Foundation.

Deal or no deal

In his writing on the decision, Banshee’s Gabriel Burt states that Canonical had offered the team a deal under which the store could remain enabled: under the proviso that Canonical receive a percentage of that made by the Banshee store.

This offer was turned down, with the team stating that the team have opted to decline so that: –

“…users who choose the Amazon store will continue supporting GNOME to the fullest extent.”

The result for users come April remains ultimately the same: the choice of two music stores. Just one has to be enabled first.

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