New and old Ubuntu users alike will find something to love in this colourful homepage replacement by Ryan Kelln.

The project aim is simple: to put a wealth of information and handy links right at the starting point of your browsing experience.

The result is this slick yet incredibly informative gateway for your browser, complete with tips on searching for answers to common problems, links for finding out more about Ubuntu as an OS alongside a Google, Wikipedia, Twitter and YouTube animated search box.

Ryan, who got in touch with us to share it, provided some background on how it came to be.

“I’m working on a small project with some groups here in Toronto that are trying to recycle old computers, put Ubuntu on them and get them into the hands of people who otherwise couldn’t afford them. A big problem we have is that everyone is new to Ubuntu and some are using their first computer, so we try to make things as easy as possible.

Inspired by Philipp Antoni’s Go project ( and spiceofdesign’s Ubuntu homepage ( I’ve started to put something together to replace the standard Ubuntu homepage.”

The homepage can be downloaded from the ‘Ubuntu-Homepage’ github repo (below). To use open the .index.html file inside your browser.

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