Unity’s launcher could get some added oomph with the release of a new Launcher API for developers to use.

When asked whether Unity’s launcher could allow for "…the installation of the Gmail Docky Docket in the Unity Launcher" Unity’s David Barth replied: –

"Interesting. We’re preparing a new Launcher API coming up to help with that."

We have some further information on just how ‘docklets’ will come to Unity thanks to Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen, who says: –

"The stuff we have in the pipe will land in libunity and will allow apps to add emblems and counters to their launcher icons as well as controlling their quicklists (aka right click context menus)."

The news of a usable API is likely to come as no great surprise to many; Docky’s creator, Jason Smith, wrote both Docky and Unity’s launcher.

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