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Docklet API ‘coming’ to Unity Launcher [updated]

Unity’s launcher could get some added oomph with the release of a new Launcher API for developers to use. When asked whether Unity’s launcher could allow for "…the installation of the Gmail Docky Docket in […]

20 January 2011
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Docky ‘Clippy’ Docklet makes my life easier.

A new docklet for Docky aims to make clipboard history management a breeze.

28 December 2010
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Enhance your productivity with Docky’s timer applet & the Pomodoro technique

Having read about the Pomodoro Technique for ‘training your brain away from distractions‘ on Lifehacker I wanted to try it out. Toeffectivelydo so I needed a timer. ThankfullyI needed to look no further than my […]

13 June 2010
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Docky’s GMail Docklet working again in Lucid

One of the Lucid users saddened by the Gmail docklet in Docky not functioning? Well be saddened no more! The ‘bug’ causing the issue has now been fixed meaning Lucid users can once again be […]

30 March 2010
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Docky just keeps on giving: Docky Application Menu

Witness the first iteration of an application menu docklet for Docky: – Video by Ricotz, Thanks once again to GhostLyrics Also please try to keep comments on topic Article originally appeared on

28 March 2010
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Docky Adds Session Docklet by Default

Remember that awesome scroll-tastic session management docklet that we drooled lovingly about middle of last week? Well Docky now includes it by default! Hurrah! Users of the DOcky PPA will see this slip in via […]

28 March 2010
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Docky CPU Docklet to add power management control

Docky fans rejoice – the CPU docklet is getting some proposed changes that allow users to manage CPU speed directly from the docklet itself via some right-click karate. This change isn’t in trunk yet so […]

26 March 2010
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Docky Session Applet Video shows it’s made of win

Remember that ‘Session Applet’ docklet potentially heading to Docky that we posted lovingly about a few days ago? Well here’s a short 10second video of it in action.   Sadly, i don’t know who made […]

23 March 2010
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Session Management Docklet Coming to Docky

Too lazy to move your mouse to the session applet to restart? Always dreamed of locking your machine from Docky? Been crying out for a hibernate button on your dock? Say hello to forthcoming session […]

19 March 2010
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Install Updated Gnome-Do – Now With Awesome GMail Docklet!

The next version of Gnome-Do will come pre-packaged with several new docklets ” including the GMail docklet pictured above. It sits in your dock and simply informs you of mail via a ‘counter’ and has […]

3 September 2009
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The Gnome-Do Weather Docklet – Totally Awesome

Gnome-Do comes with a variety of different docklets for use with it’s ‘Docky’ interface. For example the ‘Trash Can’ docklet lets you right click on it and choose to empty your trash directly, or simply […]

17 August 2009