It’s a feature many users long for but Docky’s Stacks function is not quite yet ready for the prime-time.

Nevertheless, if you long to try out Stacks on Docky, but can’t stand the thought of bazaar branches, python scripts and other unfamiliar methods, this pre-packaged .deb by algalord may finally afford you that chance.

The .deb does come with a prerequisite: that all Docky dependencies* are installed beforehand and the .deb itself is 32bit only.

Download @

Removal is easy – just search for ‘stacks’ in Synaptic or run ‘sudo apt-get remove stacks’ in a terminal.

Usual warnings apply about installing .deb files from potentially untrusted sources on the internet.

*One way to do this is to run ‘sudo apt-get build-dep docky’

Download Docky stacks