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Docky with stacks – .deb package

If you long to try out Stacks on Docky, but can't stand the thought of bazaar branches, python scripts and other unfamiliar methods, this pre-packaged .deb may finally afford you that chance...

9 December 2010
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Install Docky Stacks in Ubuntu with one command

One feature in popular Linux Dock application Docky that I personally adore/could no longer live without is ‘Stacks’ – a neat visual approach to displaying files within a folder via the dock. Despite my dependence […]

20 October 2010
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Stacks for Docky looks like a dream, works like one too!

A few days ago we mentioned in passing that the talented Psybers was working on stack functionality for premier dock app Docky.  The feature hadn’t worked for me until now so finally having it up and running […]

18 June 2010