Ever wanted to control an Ubuntu-logo shaped space-ship to blast bugs out of the sky with? Well, it’s coming.

Earlier this week we posted an Ubuntu-themed Space Invaders style retro wallpaper that left many of us wanting it to be that little bit more than a collection of static pixels sat stagnant on our desktops.

Luke Benstead, who writes for our sister site UbuntuGamer.com, has begun working on a working, controllable, shoot ’em up, blast-o-rama, you-in-the-cock-pit version of this very game.

Unlike most alien-related YouTube videos this one doesn’t contain camera shake or dubious tin-foil flying saucers: –

Oh yes.

I’d love to see the 3D perspective of the wallpaper incorporated into the game so that you’re playing at an angle…

As soon as you can lay your hands on a copy we’ll let you know but so far – top work Luke!

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