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Hey, where’d Ubuntu Gamer go?

In September last year we launched Ubuntu Gamer at - the intention was to create an entirely new site in a similar vein to OMG! Ubuntu!, but dedicated purely to gaming on Ubuntu. The site went well for a few months until earlier this year, when due to a variety of reasons, a lot of the authors couldn't find the time to write articles and the news was well, simply not there.

30 April 2011
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Ubuntu Invaders: First the wallpaper, now the game

Ever wanted to control an Ubuntu-logo shaped space-ship to blast bugs out of the sky with? Well, it's coming.

25 November 2010
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Ubuntu Gamer goes live

I'm very pleased to announce that Ubuntu Gamer, the gaming website we've been working on for a while, is now live and ready for action! Focusing primarily on gaming on Ubuntu we will be presenting you with lots of fantastic content over the coming months.

28 September 2010