‘Orta’ is the ‘theme’ of the moment; a light, milky white theme that  has been carefully designed to make every part of your desktop feel ‘just right’.

For those never satisfied revel in Orta’s ‘set up tool’ which allows you to tweak various parts of the theme to suit your tastes. Don’t like the rounded-ness of it? Change it to Square. Don’t like the highlighting? Swap it out.

The theme is designed to make use of any icon set but works best with Faenza.


Orta theme

The most important part of the theme guide is, of course, the theme itself. Grab it @ skiesofazel.deviantart.com/art/Orta-184118297

Once downloaded extract the archive, then extract the ‘extractme.tar.gz’ inside that.

Orta provides a tool for setting up the theme: –

  • Double click on OrtaSettingsManager.py
  • Choose ‘Run’ from the resulting pop-up window
  • (Use the uninstall button to remove any old versions of Orta from your system.)
  • Use the Orta Settings Manager to install the theme and setup according to your preferences.
  • When you are done click the save button.

You’ll need to go into Appearance Preferences (Right click the desktop > change wallpaper > ‘themes’ tab)  to apply the theme.

Firefox Theme

Download @ addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/256176/

Chrome Theme

A Chrome/ium theme is included by default. Head back to your Orta download folder and inside the ‘Chromium’ folder you’ll find a .crx file. Drag and drop this onto Chrome/ium and install when prompted.

Docky Theme

WhiteGlass Docky theme for Orta is what Docky users will want to install. Grab it @ gnome-look.org

AWN theme

This, again, is shipped with Orta by default. Have a peek inside the ‘AWN’ folder to find a Lucido-style Orta theme.

Other applications

If you know of more Orta themes for applications then let me know via the comments or by shooting a mail to contact[at]omgubuntu.co.uk

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